UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

The optimization of the Hermetia Illucens I Dennis Loebach

Design & Social Context, Prof. Ineke Hans, Maciej Chmara Dennis Loebach

Already approximately 2,000,000,000 people around the world eat insects regularly as a part of their diet. Yet acceptance of insects as an alternative protein source is very low among Western consumers. Triggering disgust rather than the desire to eat without the acknowledgement of its benefits to society and in the long run, our environment.

To combat food waste is to find a systematic approach that aims to reduce wasted food and its long term impacts on our environment. While it has been attempted and globally encouraged to minimize food waste through disposable methods such as composting, I decided to contribute with a method that would start with what we as consumers ingest. The main idea is preventative measures instead of solutions for repercussions.

The Hermetia Illucens, otherwise known as the Black Soldier Fly, can be optimized for its convenience in our society and the environment. Hermetia Illucens fortunately acquires a life cycle that accommodates sustainability. It is taking the systematic approach of an already existing system, and it proves to be a promising method. The bio conversion of low value organic waste can convert to high value energy rich larvae using the Black Soldier Fly, and can ultimately be used as a protein alternative. The larvae is not only richer in zinc and iron than lean meat, but its calcium content is as high as milk. It protects our environment by not emitting any greenhouse gases and it also only occupies a small area of land in comparison to cattles and soybeans.

My project aims to cater to the life cycle of the Black Soldier Fly so conveniently, that one could have it in the confines of their own spaces. With the objective of desensitizing the idea of ingesting insects, as its exhibition is transparent and welcoming. And finally, a personal approach for the consumer to contribute to its food supply and ultimately a prosperous future.