UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

Klasse Sadler Wagen Projekt

Klasse Mark Sadler Tanja Kajalli, Zeynep Arikan , Damian Rohde, Kwanghee Ko, Thierry Harpes, Sophie Siebert, Caroline Poischen, Pauline Hoyer, Alina Lenzen, Nguyen Thao, Paul Kellerman, Clara Mendes, Coral Franz, Stefanie Engel, Amana Kawamura Vlada Kitaeva

The Snack Cart Wagen project is a collective project with the students in the class of Professor Mark Sadler. Each cart is a moveable feast, a rolling institution, a magician's box, a site for exchange, for artistic production. Last year the first snack cart functioned as a photo booth/ Fotoautomat for visitors outside the Hardenberger Strasse 33 building. This year there will be 4 carts full of new surprises all painted by the different class members.