UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

Getting Away with Being an Amateur

Felix Ansmann Müller Maurice Wald

BNSL Studio, 2021, videoinstallation, screen, screen mount, truss system

The video references an exhibition review by critic Klaus Speidel of the same name. Reviewing Manuel Rossner’s phone-game “Surprisingly This Rather Works,” he notes how his character at some point fell through the terrain and into an endless white void, describing the (perhaps unintended?) glitch as an “experience so strange that it becomes valuable in its own right.” The video takes this moment and strips away everything functional that would normally surround it, in contrast to which the glitch would appear as an error.


BNSL Studio is the collaborative practice of Maurice Wald and Felix Ansmann, both studying in the M.A. Design & Computation. Via a range of artistic media, we explore the aesthetics of artificial intelligence and ontologies of computation. With backgrounds in AI-engineering and the Anthropology of technology respectively, we investigate computational modes of thinking and their histories, understanding ourselves as a hybrid between artistic practice and research platform. BNSL Studio was founded in 2019 and is based in Berlin. Beyond our artistic practice, we are interested in new technologically enabled models for art economies and ecologies existing as self-organized systems outside established institutions. BNSL Studio is also active as a production studio and consultancy for digital art and exhibition making. Our works have been shown internationally in the US, Poland, Israel and Germany. We have been awared the Niio x AI Art Prize 2019/20 alognside works by Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Chris Kore, Pascual Sisto and Eyal Gruss. Furthermore, we have realized projects for Univeristy College London Urban Lab, Theater Münster, and English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Centre.


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