UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021


Esmée Willemsen Axel Kufus Anja Lapatsch @anja:content.udk-berlin.de Annika Unger Nic Rauch Martha Schwindling Claudia Banz
Sunday, October 31, 2021

The Kunstgewerbemuseum is filled with beautifully manufactured objects we cannot intuitively understand: we don’t know how they were made and how they were used. How do we deal with an object when we cannot relate to its actual practice context anymore? Can we make up our own stories? Through memes (information spread by imitation) new stories about some objects of the collection are invented. The texts speculate about possible contexts in which this object once may have lived, is living now or will live in the future. In this way, the museum does not only function as an archive of the past but also as a space for new sorts of interaction with objects. Inspired on the medieval baking moulds and it’s function of telling a story by showing an image, these memes are distributed in form of a biscuit and a stamp. Thus, the meme find its way to the place where stories are told: the mouth.