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Mental Prison is the place to be!

Cemre Bayatlier

Mental Prison 101 - The Art of Suffering for Dummies

Stage 1: Land in the Mental Prison either willing or unwillingly. Appear in the space by teleporting from the material universe as a new born child. Make sure you have checked-in in the right space by looking around into the void. Well done! You are here... Again...

Stage 2: Enjoy your suffering in your well designed and custom-made Mental Prison. This place is only made for you and by you. Thank to yourself for bringing yourself in this endless and anonymous heaven.... Make sure you are resisting the current situation you are in to enjoy your suffering to the highest point. And remember that you can always control any circumstance in your life and act upon it. Well done! Now you are suffering in all of your beings.

Stage 3: Had enough of the Suffering? You are tired and devasteted from all this fun and ready have a break? What about accepting the current situation and dancing through the pain? What would it ever do to you? ... Looks like you are done here. Oh no... We are sorry to see you go. But don't be sad.. You will land here again. Because you know you love it.... Either conscious or unconsciously. We will be waiting. Always and forever. Love you, xoxo

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