UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

to be defined

Florian Porada

‘to be defined’ is a media installation consisting of 5 televisions each visualising a previously hidden operation of a neural network and therefore showing the in-between processes of detecting and classifying entities which pass by its camera.

As technology increasingly overtakes activities predominantly performed by humankind, the complexity of said technology gets submerged by layers of abstraction. Once the abstraction becomes the new default, questioning the generated information and the system behind its creation turns irrelevant.

By deconstructing a computer vision object detection AI, the processes and actions of getting to a conclusion becomes visible and therefore more tangible for the human observer.

Different species have their own ways of interpreting information, and these processes are often inscrutable to those operating within other frames of reference. This is particularly noticeable during human-machine interactions in which humans become aware of the disconnect between their intuition and the machine’s operations.

Still: how can we create an understanding of something that is outside of our own reference system? ‘to be defined’ is a first exploration in this direction.


mail: f.porada@udk-berlin.de

twitter: @flooopooo

web: florianporada.com

Exhibition Space

Hardenbergstraße 33

3rd Floor

Room 314