UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

Walking While Black. Europe Edition

Joy Jamaica Record

“Walking while black restricts the experience of walking, renders inaccessible the classic Romantic experience of walking alone.”
-Garnette Cadogan, 2016 The art of Flânerie can be defined as the act of strolling, without a specific destination in mind. For some, just plainly described as “walking”. Either way, the mundane act such as the flaneuring has gained popularity in the past year, due to the Corona Pandemic. Going for a walk was, for many, one of the main outlets to prevent oneself from going mad, trapped in the same four walls all day during lockdown. I wanted to know: does everyone reap the benefits of walking and is it the same experience for everyone? Specifically, how do black people experience flaneuring? In the following work, black people living in Europe speak about their experience with flaneuring. About public life in a predominantly white society. This Project was developed in Mirjana Mitrović's Seminar "Flanieren, umherschweifen, spazieren- Wissen(schaft) durch Bewegung."