UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

Thought Police

Nicole Hauck Anna Richert Calman Saskia Hundt

Thought Police//Gedankenpolizei Are sick of being called „Thought Police“ for pointing out that systemic oppression like for example racism, sexism, classism and ableism exists in everydaylife? Are you trying to have reasonable conversations about insulting language and how to be less disrespectful? But you rarely get to a point where you leave the status quo, mostly you’re just being made responsible for hurting and restricting cis-white-male-language? Then you need to get „Thought Police“. „Thought Police“ is a high quality Sugar Police Baton. With „Thought Police“ nobody will ever gaslight you again. And YOU will finally be sweet as Candy. Videoperformance, not a real call for Violence.