UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

Intervention in der Stadt - eine Bewegungsimprovisation

Xueqing Yu Karolina Runge Felicia Geber Anna Wielend Johannes Heidelk Vincent Brock Daiyan Kindelán Mariella Castelo

Intervention in the City / Movement improvisation

An action from the study programme music and movement / rhythmic. 28\.07.2021 19h / duration: 42 min.

The video documents the students in study programme Music and Movement from university of arts Berlin improvising for 40 minutes outside the UDK concert Hall, at the intersection of Hardenbergstrasse and Fasanenstrasse.

We place our bodies in urban Spaces, the power relations between the senses redefine the actions in an interplay of disintegrating and reconstructing as the geogrphical environment changes. We try to regain initiative from the constant accumulation of information and emotions, we determine our actions, rebuild order and relationships. Can we stand out from the environment, or are the people still dominated by the environment? Am I the initiator of watching and being watched. The emotional and psychological state of individuals and individuals in groups is also a point of view.