UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

Joy Of Missing Out

Milena Bühring Mathilde ter Heijne

JOMO* As the Performance & Time-Based Media Class, we have learned the *joy of missing out* the hard way the last two years, probably just like you. But this year, we are back again on the stage. It will be our pleasure to showcase our content in a physical space at a unique pace. The critical questioning of reality with a focus on the construction of identity in social frames and cultural history is always an essential parameter in the content program of our class. And with the lockdowns and remote studies, we had an extraordinary opportunity to take this practice to the next level. Our medial, sculptural, and performance works are waiting for you to experience. -When- Saturday & Sunday, 30-31.10.2021 Live performance times 30th of October: 5pm Paulina Hupe: Opening Rite 6pm Marieke: Dawning Upon 7pm Anastasia & Xiaoer: A&X Insta live stream 8pm Lauriane Daphne Carl & itchi aka Jan Fleischer: The Anatomy of Desire 31st of October: 4pm Lotti Seebeck und Silja Korn: Kunst ohne Augenlicht 5pm Anna Hofmann: Documenting Desert 6pm Linda Herrmann: Alles was wir fraßen 7pm Anastasia & Xiaoer: A&X Insta live stream 8pm Dornika: The One Before She Got Famous -Where- A (pleasant) ten-minute walk from the Hardenbergstraße building Salzufer 14-15, 10587 Berlin OG (3d floor), Aufgang (use entrance of) ’Active Sports’