UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

GRJÓTAGJÁ óravídd / Skyway

Anna Zozulya

What is a tower? It denotes the height, gives us a view and is visible. But a tower also just rotates around an axis and is an old symbol of defensibility. Iceland does not need a fortress, it is free and unbound.


Let us draw the time and space of the experience of a tower, as a viewing platform, into the 4 dimensions. Freedom is not a fast attraction, that can be experienced from one point. A slow encounter with the landscape keeps these personal moments with the freedom of Iceland in your heart forever.

If we only position the platform at one point, the tourists will continue to wander around for a true experience of the landscape.


In order to prevent this, the encounter with the landscape must be brought together, the structure should only come into contact with it selectively in order to preserve it as much as possible. The visitor should be able to make the experience more exciting and extend it and be an explorer.

This building is supposed to protect both sides from external influences but confront the people with the nature of this country.