UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

Tischkommunikation - als metaphorische Quelle für Denk- und Inspirationsräume

Tabea Magura Robert Knorr Luc Schneider

"The table is an omnipresent companion in our lives. From the kitchen table to the desk, coffee table, bedside table, side table...The table not only fulfills functional purposes and makes designer hearts beat faster. No! It is a connecting element. It creates new communication spaces between people, links thoughts and ideas to a network of unimagined possibilities. What dimensions does the table carry and what contribution does it make to interpersonal communication? I pursued this research question together with my team from the "Acting" course in an artistic-experimental way." A project of the OPEN CALL initiative in the summer semester 2021 at the Berlin University of the Arts. The OPEN CALL is an invitation to students to work together on interdisciplinary research projects. The goal is to artistically link and unite the potentials of the diverse courses of study. Applied research methodology: artistic research, inspired by the seminar of Dr. Işıl Eğrikavuk. Project character: practical-experimental-performative-artistic. Co-creation by: Tabea Magura (Social and Business Communication), Robert Knorr and Luc Schneider (Acting).