UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

Die Welt Sieht Mich

Luise Charlotte Schaller

Die Welt Sieht Mich (eng.: The World Sees Me) is a 24 page comic book, that was created in the illustration class in the summer semester 2021. It tells the story of an unknown day after the apocalypse which has erased all life on earth as we know it. Left are only empty streets and houses - however the catastrophe is still close enough, so that the world still seems as if it had simply stopped for a brief moment in time. Left is only To, a young boy that starts his lonely journey to find out, what has happend. He functions as a naive observer. The focus in the storytelling was not a classic narration, but rather on visualizing a collection of snapshots with a subtle atmosphere of loneliness and hopelessness, inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic. This allows for an almost dreamlike character of the narration: the story seems like a surreal collection of memories that blend into one another. I chose specifically to stretch each narration as long as possible and to intentionally not solve plots. This leaves the reader with a feeling of uncertainty and discomfort.