UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

Upward Spiral 🟡🔵

Marcel Schwittlick

These spirals represent the trajectory of the artist's life and your life. All of these drawings were created during the pandemic of Covid-19 and related to the lockdown in Berlin. The emotional, spiritual and mental well-being can be on a positive trajectory to be nurturing and enabling. It is all about movement, recommencement, and guidance. The current situation can also be a catalyst for reaching your goals and developing a constructive style of correspondence. Through his work, Marcel Schwittlick wants to offer a talisman to remember where your life is. The Upward Spiral series comprises 144 editions, which the artist draws with a custom built drawing machine. Each drawing takes about 9h to produce. The Upward Spiral series has a very personal meaning. It represents a reminder of the trajectory of our lives. To be mindful about whether one is in an upward and also downward trajectory, these spirals are perfectly symmetrical. For me, this type of spiral symbolizes an awareness of dynamics in life that helps avoid stress and pain. It plays with the idea of improving yourself, working on discipline and creativity. Usually, we find ourselves struggling to get our lives together, and sometimes we are succeeding at our plans to become a better person every day. There is no linear way for people to reach their goals in life. The actual human experience is much different. Being unable to control ourselves and our surroundings, we break down, and later, with the help of new discoveries, we can get back up and develop further. This is a constant flux between order and chaos; both are necessary in our lives. I think it's important to be aware of that. This is along the lines of what an Upward Spiral may represent.