UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

Filminstitut Video Lounge

Constantin Hartenstein Prof. Jimmy Robert Deniz Simsek Cemre Bayatlier @c.bayatlier:content.udk-berlin.de Elena Herrmann @e.herrmann:content.udk-berlin.de Aisha Altenhofen @a.altenhofen:content.udk-berlin.de Nicole Hauck @n.hauck:content.udk-berlin.de Elin Laut @s.lautenbacher:content.udk-berlin.de
Friday, October 29, 2021

The Filminstitut Berlin presents a selection of experimental short films, video performance documentations and analogue films produced within the last 4 semesters during the seminars "Banned Movies", "Weltuntergang", and "Video Performance I &II".