UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

Edition Typeface

Elias Hanzer

Edition Typeface is a family of one-line fonts. Without a defined thickness, the letterforms are determined by the shape of a line and its path created by various CNC tools. The skeleton of each style recites a historical type classification. Contextual Edition is shaped by formal aspects coming from the letterpress era. Classics like Caslon, Garamond, Times New Roman etc. were taken as inspiration for this style. Scriptual Edition is referring to the writing done by hand using a tool, such as a pen or pencil, reciting formal aspects of 18th and 19th century Script Typefaces. Geometrical Edition is a  geometric sans-serif typeface, inspired by typefaces like Herbert Bayers universal or Paul Renners Futura, which originated, based on circles and squares in the bauhaus in the early 20th century. Numerical Edition is based on the stylistic features, that were introduced in the early computer era, displayed on CRT screens. Several formal aspects are taken from the OCR Fonts. Asymmetrical Edition is the interpretation of a typeface seen in a 19th century specimen and is an example to the experimental approach to type design. Alongside digitally optimized fonts, Edition remains true to its origins and is also available as a single-line version for plotting, engraving, etc.