UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

some empty fabrics

Clara Höhre

I am in search of a form in the field of textile sculpture. Like no other material, textile is already characterised by psychosocial annexations and can hardly be viewed objectively. The statement of a textile object, however, is largely determined by its form, which in turn depends on who or what is to be encased in it. In the last semester, I participated in the seminar ,,Louise Bourgeois - the textile work'' and developed a particular interest in the element of so-called sack shapes contained therein, which can be interpreted in ambiguous ways. The idea of exposing empty sacks as objects in their own right, which - like empty houses - awaken the thought or the need to be filled, since they exist - as one thinks - for this function in the first place and receive their form through it, opened up new approaches to my individual idea of emptiness and the need to fill it on the one hand, and to perceiving the objects in a new raison d'être emancipated from their functionality on the other. The form of my installation is given by many unfilled elements, which are sewn into each other and by the seams connecting them, giving it a static and shape that is independent of the materials other connotation with clothing or covering function, but strives to emancipate textile as a stand-alone material and at the same time poses the question of how emptiness can become a sculptural element.