UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

Unstable Trajectories

Niklas Julian Söder

Since thousands of years, rituals and ritual objects have served to convey cultural knowledge. For example, rites of passage symbolized the cyclical processes in nature and the stable order of the cosmos. But what if the environment turns out to be chaotic? How can ritual and ritual object be designed when the function of transferring knowledge has to give way to unpredictable information? The project "Unstable Trajectories" plays with the idea of a chaotic environment in which the stability of a system is affected by interactions with its environment. In a fictional ritual, this interaction between object and environment gives rise to an interplay of cyclical and chaotic oscillations, which are captured in an ephemeral record and thus become information of an unpredictable environment.

„Can the stability and order of the world be but a temporary dynamic equilibrium achieved in a corner of the universe, a short-lived eddy in a chaotic current?“ Cixin Liu. „The Three-Body Problem.“