UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021


Pablo Torres Gomez

COr2graphies is an audiovisual mapping of 5 trajectories throughout Berlin walked using COmpass, a machine designed to navigate modern cities’ soundscapes; with the help of a field recorder, the device takes an incoming sonic signal and alters it in real time through a sound synthesis method called granular synthesis, which samples and splits the incoming sound into small pieces of around 1 to 50 milliseconds, for which they are referred to as grains. The quantity of grains being generated is proportional to the quantity of CO2 particles at the location in question, detected by an air quality sensor integrated into the device.

COr2graphies acknowledges pollution as a direct repercussion and one of the most indicative manifestations of anthropocentric capitalist industrialisation and western notion of progress. Pollution’s relevance is trivialised by a reference frame within which information overload affects the discernment and awareness we have towards it. COr2graphies aims to develop ways through which we (re)acquire sensibility towards such a crucial problem; it refers to the audible sense -and sensorial experience in general- as a medium through which we might come to have diverse insights and ways to understand sociocultural phenomena.

While seeing the mentioned 5 routes over Berlin's map, COr2graphies reproduces simultaneously their polluted soundscapes.