UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

Seminar Seminar

Jeanne Astrup-Chauvaux

SeminarSeminar is a teacher-less, student-led Seminar within the UdK Berlin, in which we actively question our surrounding learning structures, their spaces, formats and the power relations within them. Each participant is seen as both teacher and learner, decisions are made collectively, responsibilities are shared.

The first iteration of the Seminar Seminar took place in Spring 2020, in times of a global pandemic. What began as a proposal to break the frame of established learning structures in higher education institutions proved to be a real alternative to the slowly reacting and inflexible teaching throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Each semesters new topics are explored, new ways of communicating are experimented.

"How can we enable real connections and collective learning without space, without physical contact, without hierarchies? What does appropriation means ? What is density ?”

Seminar Seminar at Floating University

As part of the Rundgang at Universität der Künste we - past and future participants of the Seminar Seminar- decided to be present in the Floating University to give some insights on the (un-)learnings processes we explored in the past years, the different action spaces we imagined and created and the relevance of working together as young becoming architects. Collectively and playfully rethinking a field very much dominated by inequalities in terms of power structures and decision making.

Join us on the 30th of October in the Floating University to know more about SeminarSeminar last experiments!