UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

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In our installation-based performance project, we explored the theme of the inner critical voice in an interdisciplinary way and consider it in the context of our queer identities. We see many of our own ways of acting and thinking, also 'habits' as a result of trying to adapt to heteronormative, patriarchal structures. These patterns of acting and thinking are repeated over and over again, so we are in a loop. We want to intervene and break this loop in order to enter a new loop that questions the critical voice and related structures and allows for an unadaptive and queer reality of life. We often experience self-criticism as soon as we do not behave according to the norms, that is, do not conform to society's expectations. The internalization of societal values, norms and social roles happens unconsciously and must therefore be consciously questioned. We use our bodies as well as our studio work to create these loops of habit during the performance - but also to break them again. In doing so, we try to escape the destructive pattern of action and thought and create a mental place where we accept our queer selves. Costume plays an important role in this, as clothing has a direct impact on how we are read and which social groups we are assigned to. Costume and body merge in the performance to create a sculpture that does not reproduce heteronormative phenotypes, but invites visitors to question their categorical habits of seeing. With our performance we want to invite the visitors to reflect. In a place that visually transports "Radical Softness" and allows us to experience our queer realities of life in relation to mental health. Will the loop be disrupted?


Elin Laut