UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

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*Still image of live installation performance* Light and Sound Sculpture Concrete, Fluorescent Lights, Electronics Concrete and fluorescent lighting permeate our culture as easily mass produced and functional materials which serve as the altar of industrialized efficiency. Santiago Burelli creates a sonified light sculpture that examines our interaction with and attraction to concrete and fluorescent lighting. This sound and light sculpture speaks to the mass production of concrete and fluorescent lighting while offering an optimistic pause from the continuous negative tropes that follow these materials. The sculpture is sonified by placing contact microphones on each lightbulb. as the lights are turned on and off we experience polyrhythms, low frequency tones, and pitched sounds that create a tumultuous composition. All of the sounds of the sculpture eminate from the fluorescent lightbulbs and fixtures. The lights are turned on and off in a contrapunteo between white and purple lights. Sonification of the object offers a character to the lights we normally only experience for milliseconds or as props to the abject use of fluorescent lights. Reverb and delay allow us to experience the sounds for extended and repeated periods of time. In weight and mass concrete permeates everyday life to an extent no other material can approximate. We experience a torn down pedestal for a raw material we have come to see as drab except in highly stylized architecture. Despite its benefits as a tool, concrete comes with the weight of ecological destruction and exponential waste. Perfection is brushed aside and this instrument bucks at the current systemic adoration of processes such as 3D printing in sculpture and artificial intelligence in the sound field. Vía this sonic and visual composition, the sculpture offers an abstraction from our daily use of these materials. Concrete and fluorescent lighting away from its routinely understood use. The sculpture speculates at the fall of industry and acts as an invitation to heal in its purple glow.

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Santiago Burelli